Sprinkler Service

Sprinkler system coverage problems generally show themselves in the form of dry patches of grass and you may need to call a professional for a sprinkler service repair. Coverage problems may be due to improper installation (system initially installed without proper coverage) or the sprinkler heads are clogged, broken or not turning properly. Whether your sprinkler system has damaged pipes, broken sprinkler heads, or is in need of regular maintenance, our qualified experts will assess and resolve your irrigation issues.

Our professional sprinkler service department can maintain and repair all types of irrigation systems. We provide certification and testing of backflow preventers, water audits and sprinkler system checks to maximize system performance.

Landworks sprinkler service department includes a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, Landscape Industry Certified Technician in Irrigation, and three (3) Backflow Certified Technicians. We are a Rain Bird SELECT Contractor, which means you can count on receiving the HIGHEST level of care and attention to your sprinkler service needs.

Why use a Rain Bird Select Contractor:

  • Code of professional responsibility
  • Commitment to the highest standards of service in the industry
  • Top quality equipment

Protecting your landscape investment with proper sprinkler coverage is vital to the health of your lawn and landscaping. Our professional team of irrigation specialists will help ensure your sprinkler system is working at optimum performance.

Sprinkler Services:

  • Sprinkler Service - All Brands
  • Certified Backflow Testing
  • Sprinkler Activation
  • Sprinkler Winterization
  • Sprinkler Repairs / Maintenance / Renovations

Investing in routine sprinkler maintenance for your property will ensure your irrigation system stays in working order all year long. While some irrigation issues occur by accident, others occur because most parts need to be replaced eventually. Landworks qualified specialists can take care of your sprinkler maintenance and repairs, no matter what brand you have on your residential or commercial property.

Certified Backflow Inspectors

Emergency & After-Hour Sprinkler Repair Services Available

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