Landscape Drainage

Landworks can help your yard with landscape drainage issues, including reviewing your landscaping, elevation, soil composition to French drain installation. Proper drainage can improve the health of your lawn and keep it free from disease, fungus, and turf stress. Landscape drainage also helps to avoid erosion, standing water, foundation issues, and mosquitoes. An important aspect of keeping your lawn healthy includes proper drainage.

Rainfall is the catalyst that sets drainage problems in motion and heavy downpours can cause poorly drained sites to become flooded. Does your lawn turn into a swampy mess every time it rains hard? If so, pursue one of these landscape drainage solutions, not only to alleviate your aesthetic concerns, but also because standing water can pose serious problems.

French Drain

A French drain is the most well-known type of underground outdoor drainage system. While the specifics vary, a French drain is usually comprised of a perforated pipe which is surrounded by gravel then wrapped in filter fabric to keep mud and particles out. A French drain directs water to a drain rather than dispersing it within the landscape.

Grassy Swale

A swale is an area of the lawn which is carefully graded to direct water. A swale does not need to be obvious. As little as a one-inch drop every 10 feet will provide enough flow for it to be effective. A swale helps dissipate water over a larger area, or directs the water to a bog planting or a drain.

Bog Area In Landscape

Landscaping plants can be a great drainage solution for areas with a small amount of excess water. Red-twig dogwoods, willows, and many native plants in each region are well-adapted to periodic bog conditions.

If you see water pooling in a certain area of your lawn or around the foundation of your home or building, Landworks can help. Standing water is a key indicator you need drainage or grading services. Poor landscape drainage can end up damaging your foundation and excess moisture can lead to lawn or plant diseases.

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