Spring Fertilization to Maintain Weed Control

Fertilization is a popular Spring topic at Landworks Inc.. Spring is the perfect time of year to start winning the war on weeds. Starting an effective fertilization program now will make for easier grooming during the summer. To have a healthy turf that looks lush and beautiful, we encourage lawn fertilization.

One of the main challenges in maintaining a lovely lawn is winning the battle against weeds! Nobody knows better than a gardener the frustration of investing in cultivation and ground preparation, just to have it all get choked out by herbicide-resistant weeds. Fertilization is key to weed management and all Landworks Inc. lawn technicians have the knowledge and expertise to promote healthy lawn fertilization and fight for weed control.

Your grass will get most nutrients naturally from either the soil, air or water supply, but there are times when it is in short supply in one or the other and that’s when you need to supplement with fertilizer. Not all fertilizers and herbicides are effective, and Landworks, Inc. will inspect your lawn by examining it for nitrogen and iron deficiencies, or other symptoms that could indicate a phosphorous deficiency. Once we know the chemical health of your lawn we can create the right fertilization program to get the best plant growth and weed fighting results.

Not All Fertilization Products Are The Same!

On every package of fertilizer there is an N-P-K rating, or the three numbers representing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Landworks, Inc., uses fast-release fertilizers to give a quick response in “greening up” your lawn, and can make sure your lawn is maintained throughout the season. Natural fertilizers are available, but they are bulky and have lower amounts of nutrients. Slow-release formulas are often best when it comes to long-term results because they allow the nutrients to be released over time, which produces continuous nutrition for your lawn. Our technicians are trained to make the best decisions that will meet your lawn’s fertilization needs.

Lawn fertilization is best done near the beginning of the growing season, or mid-spring. When applying fertilizers, your lawn should be clear of any heat or cold stresses such as heavy frosts or the hot afternoon sun of midsummer. There are exceptions to this general rule as different areas and grass species require different applications. When you arrange for a visit from the professionals at Landworks, Inc., we can work with you to determine the most beneficial time to treat your lawn.

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