Watering Tips for New Grass Seed

Your new grass seed requires moisture and favorable temperature ranges for germination. The most important thing to remember is that you must keep the seed moist all the time (not enough water will kill the sprout). It is a commitment to keep your new seed watered correctly, especially immediately following application of seed. If you are not able to keep your new seed moist, it may not be a good practice for you to seed your turf this fall.

Once the new grass is visible, keep in mind the roots are continuing to develop in the soil. Your new grass is not as vulnerable at this point, but continue to uphold a good watering schedule and keep turf moist. Furthermore, all your new seed will not sprout at the same time, so continuing a frequent watering schedule even when you see new grass is vital to germinate all seed.

Continue frequent watering schedule until the entire area is displaying a full, dense growth. Remember sun & wind may contribute to drying out your turf, so you may need to increase watering on particularly hot, sunny days or windy conditions.

Quick Tips:
1. Keep new seed moist at all times
2. Optimum daytime temps b/t 60 – 75 degrees
3. Don’t overwater ~ if there are puddles in your lawn, you are overwatering
4. Stay off newly seeded areas
5. Shaded areas need less water and sunny areas need more water