Lawn Fertilizer Service To Control Grubs

If you dig up a square foot area of turf about 2” deep and find ten or more grubs, it’s time to call for lawn fertilizer service. 

Grubs probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a lawn fertilizer service. Grubs can destroy a beautiful lawn in a short time, however, so controlling them is critical to keeping your turf looking its best. Grubs burrow deep into your lawn and feed on grass roots and organic matter…

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Lawn Care Overland Park, KS: How to Get Rid of Grubs

Lawn care and grubs – Every June and July, Landworks Inc. handles calls about lawn care in Overland Park, Kansas – specifically for the treatment of grubs. We see thousands of dollars in damage to non-treated lawns, and that’s why we provide specialized lawn care Overland Park, Kansas grub control services. First, let us tell…

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