Lawn Care Company Advice For Building A Beautiful Berm

A berm can be small and simple or a major construction project best suited to a professional lawn care company, depending on the size of your yard and goal of construction.

Landworks lawn care company is your expert for all sorts of landscaping, including berms. A berm is a mounded hill of dirt built to block unwanted views, provide a subtle sense of privacy, direct or redirect drainage and foot traffic, emphasize a specific focal point, or add height variation. A berm can be small and…

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Tip #1: Add Calming Colors

Tip #1 on turning an ordinary landscape into a refuge from stress and worry: A flower bed filled with serene, muted colors such as pastels can create a sense of calm. It’s always a good idea to choose plants that are easily maintained and enjoyable year-round. And remember, the more blossoms, the more soothing the…

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