Commercial Landscaping: Creating Beautiful Flower Displays

Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscaping services available from Landworks include creating stunning flower displays throughout the season. Annuals are a good landscape investment because they are versatile, colorful, produce quick results, and are relatively inexpensive. These dependable single-season flowers hit the ground running and provide a spectacular and easy show all season long. Planning Your Flower Displays A…

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Landscape Drainage: Eliminate Standing Water With A French Drain

Poor landscape drainage isn’t just financially costly, it can be bad for your health.

Landscape drainage issues can cause costly problems fast. Repairing foundation damage due to poor drainage can range anywhere from $500 to $13,000, according to Home Advisor. Swampy, poorly graded earth is the kiss of death for lawns, shrubs and plants, and a major landscape drainage problem or foundation damage can reduce a building’s value by…

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Core Aeration and Seeding

The benefits of core aeration is to break up the thatch layer in turf…enabling better air, water & nutrient exchange in the soil which produces a deeper root system & thicker turf. Core Aeration ~ Core aeration removes “cores” of soil. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod into it…

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Landscape Industry Certified

Landworks is proud to have 2 of our Management staff performing the field test to become Landscape Industry Certified for softscape installation with Mid-America Industry Council (MAGICouncil) tomorrow. Good Luck, Kyle & Bill! We know you’ll do a great job!

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