Lawn Care Company Advice For Building A Beautiful Berm

A berm can be small and simple or a major construction project best suited to a professional lawn care company, depending on the size of your yard and goal of construction.

Landworks lawn care company is your expert for all sorts of landscaping, including berms. A berm is a mounded hill of dirt built to block unwanted views, provide a subtle sense of privacy, direct or redirect drainage and foot traffic, emphasize a specific focal point, or add height variation. A berm can be small and…

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Landscape Installation by Landworks, Inc. – Kansas City

Landscape installation encompasses everything from trimming trees and planting shrubs and flowers to building a paver patio or retaining wall. It can go even bigger if your planned landscape installation is for an office, shopping center or apartment complex. Even hospitals rely on professional landscapers to handle their landscape installation. Landscape installation is a job…

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