Summer Watering Scheduling Sprinklers/Irrigation Kansas City

Sprinklers/Irrigation РSummer Watering Scheduling 

Sprinklers/irrigation installed by Landworks, Inc. is an effective lawn watering procedure using natural rainfall provide a healthy, beautiful lawn. Where you live and the type of soil you have will determine the amount of water your lawn requires each week. In order to give grass just what it needs and still conserve water it is important that you don’t underwater or underwater. Landworks, Inc. can help you to understand the factors that influence sprinklers/irrigation frequency, such as the different grass types and the type of soil you have, as different types of soil absorb and retain moisture differently.

Using Rain Sensors for Water Efficiency

Different regions of the country receive different amounts of rainfall and this influences sprinklers/irrigation needs. During the scorching hot months of summer, conservation is key when it comes to sprinklers/irrigation for watering and lawn care. Landworks, Inc. can install rain sensors that are shut-off devices designed to interrupt the cycle of an automatic controller when a specific amount of rainfall has occurred and ensures that no water goes to waste when watering your lawn this summer. Sometimes rain sensors are wired to the sprinklers/irrigation system controller, then mounted in an open area where they are exposed to rainfall; other controllers have a special connection which allows a rain sensor to be attached directly.

Landworks, Inc. uses rain sensors to conserve water by preventing irrigation after rain. Installing sprinklers/irrigation systems saves money by using rainwater, thereby reducing utility bills and also by preventing damage to your lawn by too much or not enough watering. Rain sensors help protect surface and groundwater by reducing the runoff and deep percolation that carries pollutants, such as fertilizers, into storm drains and groundwater. Manual sprinklers/irrigation systems require that you open the valve, time the watering yourself and then shut off the flow, whereas automatic systems are programmable and can be set correctly and adjust as conditions change.

Proper Irrigation for Water Conservation

Sprinklers-irrigation systems are designed to apply water to your lawn in similar fashion to natural rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes that sprays water into the air where it then falls to the ground. The amount of water and the frequency with which the lawn is watered is determined by presetting your sprinkler timer for a specific amount of time. Landworks, Inc. will design an efficient sprinklers/irrigation system just for you that will prevent erosion and excess runoff and will monitor the amount of water output to make sure your lawn is receiving the appropriate amount of water for optimum growth and health.

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