Irrigation Watering in Summer

Sprinklers and irrigation are a HOT topic this summer! With the sizzling hot days upon us, many homeowners are caught in the struggle between keeping their lawn lush and green while keeping their water bill down. Landworks promotes awareness about the best practices and technology for sprinklers and irrigation to conserve water and keep your lawn healthy. Landworks implements many new, water-efficient sprinklers and irrigation systems that help to eliminate coverage problems such as dry patches of grass due to consistently high temperatures and minimal rainfall. These problems may also be due to improper installation of an existing sprinklers and irrigation system clogged or not turning sprinkler heads.

Landworks can evaluate your sprinklers and irrigation system and give you the most economical solution to your problem and facilitate adequate moisture to your landscape. One way we do this is to measure the water content in soil and use a rain sensor to determine the amount of moisture in the soil. Without a doubt, soil moisture is the most important factor in a plant’s health. Root systems become more healthy when growing in moist soil, however, too much soil moisture can cause bacteria growth and the spread of plant and soil pathogens. By installing a rain sensor to your sprinklers and irrigation system you will be taking a big step to maintaining a beautiful, healthy landscape.

Another type of device that has grown in popularity in the past few years is a rainfall shutoff device. In fact, these have become the law in many states with hot and dry weather conditions. These devices shut off the sprinklers and irrigation system when they detect rainfall.

The most efficient method of watering your landscaping is to implement a micro sprinklers and irrigation system – better known as a drip system. This type of system has an efficiency rate of 90% or higher, which means much less water is wasted than with traditional systems. For most landscapes, it’s easy to install, inexpensive, easy to design, and delivers a highly accurate amount of moisture to the soil. For new plantings, flowers, or shrubs in full sun, drip irrigation is the best way to go.

Landworks professional sprinklers and irrigation system service technicians can install, design and repair all types of sprinklers and irrigation systems. We provide certification and testing of back-flow, water audits and system checks to maximize performance.

As a Rain Bird Select Contractor, Landworks adheres to a code of professional responsibility and commits to the highest standards of service in the industry. We use top quality equipment and will design your sprinklers and irrigation system to maximize soil penetration and minimize water run off, while providing 100% coverage. We offer a free consultation for all of our sprinklers and irrigation system design and installation services.

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