Sprinkler Service In Johnson County: Winterization

Landworks provides sprinkler service in Johnson County and across the KC metro area to prepare your irrigation system for the winter. Cold weather is sneaking up fast, and it is crucial to have your sprinkler system winterized by professional, certified technicians.

When should I winterize my irrigation system?

Call Landworks NOW to schedule your winterization sprinkler service in Johnson County! If you have a system with above-ground pipes, it is critical to winterize your system before a deep freeze – we recommend doing this before Oct 31 in KC for systems with above-ground pipes. All other systems (with all pipes buried underground) should be winterized by November 30th to be safe.

Why do I need professional sprinkler service in Johnson County? 

Landworks provides sprinkler service in Johnson County and across the KC metro area to prepare your irrigation system for the winter.Winterizing your sprinkler system is especially important here in the Midwest where we have long winters with frequent freeze and thaw cycles. Draining the water out of your sprinkler system and turning your sprinklers off is inadequate for Kansas City’s winter climate, especially if you have an above-ground backflow. 

We strongly recommend that you “blow out” your system to remove ALL water from your pipes, because any remaining water can freeze, expand & crack pipes. Furthermore, frozen water in your backflow assembly may damage internal components and crack the brass body, resulting in costly repairs.

It may seem like a simple process to “blow out” your irrigation system, but Landworks’ professional sprinkler service in Johnson County is performed by trained and certified technicians using specialized equipment.

When you use Landworks to winterize your sprinkler service in Johnson County, you can be confident that frozen pipes and burst valves will not be a problem for you this winter and your irrigation system will be ready to get up and running quickly in the spring.

What is the process for sprinkler winterization?

The first step of winterization sprinkler service in Johnson County is to completely shut off the water supply to your system. The goal of sprinkler winterization is to make sure the pipes are completely dry. Any remaining moisture can freeze and damage your system.

Landworks’ backflow certified technicians will turn off your irrigation water supply and will “blow out” your system with a special high volume, low-pressure air compressor. The air compressor is attached to the main line and activates each zone blowing air through the system until it is completely dry. This process will remove all remaining water from your pipes, giving you peace of mind that your underground system is safe. Landworks has technicians that are experienced and prepared to get your sprinkler winterization done properly.

Landworks landscaping company’s professional sprinkler repair department can service all types of irrigation systems. We provide certification and testing of backflow preventers, water audits, and sprinkler system checks on existing systems to maximize system performance.

For more information about winterizing and sprinkler repair, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300. To request a quote, click here.