Retaining walls – Overland Park – Time to Start Planning

Retaining walls are often a necessary addition to your home for protecting your driveway or lawn from run-off and to help prevent erosion. If the soil around a sloping foundation is washing away, or erosion is compacting an uphill foundation, a retaining wall can help. One of the most important services landscaping and contracting companies perform is building retaining walls.

A retaining wall is a rigid structure designed to hold soil back and can be built from various types of materials such as concrete blocks, native stones or boulders, poured concrete, treated cross-ties, and bricks.

The safety of your family and friends is a top priority, so your goal should be to control the slope of the ground by reinforcing it, and a retaining wall will meet this requirement. Heavy rains or other events of nature could cause the wall to cave in, but when built correctly, a retaining wall prevents this from happening.

A retaining wall retains all the material (soil or rocks) that fills the space without collapsing. Most materials used in retaining walls will last long-term, but some don’t. A coarse-stone aggregate for retaining walls footings works extremely well. Installing a drainage system behind the wall structure is often recommended, as well. Retaining walls should be built to certain specifications, and a professional landscaping crew can ensure that the job is done right.

Retaining walls are not always built for utilitarian purposes – sometimes they can help to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, or to make raised garden or flower beds, and are a great asset to your Overland Park property.

Landworks can assist you in designing and installing a solid retaining wall with character and complement your home. We have served the Overland Park community since 1995, and are proud of our competent landscaping crew.

This is the perfect time to be thinking about constructing retaining walls. Call us today to schedule a landscape designer to work with you to create the right retaining wall for your home. We can be reached at 913-422-9300 or visit