Proper Landscape Maintenance For Healthy Turf & Shrubs

Landscape maintenance services from Landworks will get your turf and shrubs looking great for summer. It’s time to dust off the lawnmower, prune shrubs and check for pests, and set up a turf fertilization and weed control program with Landworks.

Healthy Turf

Grasses in our area have already started their spring growth surge, and the most obvious aspect of good landscape maintenance is mowing. Mowing to a height of 2.5-3” is optimal for most of the year, but when the weather gets hot, mowing height may be raised to provide more insulation from heat and reduce water loss. It is also important not to let your grass grow too long, because removing more than 1/3 of the total blade height at once can stress your lawn.

Lawn fertilizer service in the fall is the best way to guarantee lush, healthy turf in the spring. Lawns and landscapes need regular, healthy nutrition to maintain vigor, fight off diseases and discourage pests. Improving the root system and building adequate food reserves with lawn fertilizer service has significant and direct positive results on your plants and turf.

Landscape maintenance services from Landworks will get your turf and shrubs looking great for summer.Healthy Shrubs

Properly timed pruning and trimming helps ensure attractive, healthy, productive plants. The correct time for pruning deciduous shrubs is determined by the plant’s growth habit, bloom time, and health or condition, so it requires some experience to time correctly. Landscape maintenance from Landworks can save you a lot of time and money by creating a pruning, insecticide, and fertilization schedule specifically for the shrubs on your property.

The best time to prune large, overgrown spring-flowering shrubs is in March and April. Light to moderate pruning immediately after flowering lets you enjoy the spring flowers while also allowing enough time for the shrubs to start new flower buds for next season.

You are likely to notice the damage from pests before you see the bugs themselves, but some are more obvious than others. Bagworms are caterpillars that make distinctive spindle-shaped bags, and do the most damage on evergreens where their bags are often mistaken for part of the plant. Spider mites are tiny but develop huge colonies underneath leaves, leaving white spots and sometimes small webs. Japanese beetles consume leaves between the veins, leaving a lacy, skeleton-like structure behind. Landscape maintenance from Landworks includes identifying and controlling whatever pests may be causing issues for your trees and shrubs.

Landscape Maintenance From Landworks

Our landscape maintenance services include mowing, mulching, shrub/tree trimming, spring/fall clean ups, and lawn fertilization/weed control programs. Landworks offers a free consultation for all of our landscaping, irrigation and lawn care services in Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, and the entire Kansas City metro area. For more information, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300. To request a quote, click here.