Overland Park, Kansas – How to Maintain Paver Patios

A beautifully landscaped patio can be almost as enjoyable as the hearth in your home. Throughout Overland Park, Kansas you will find many well landscaped patios in a wide variety of materials. One easy to install for the DIY type as well as the skilled professional is the popular “paver” patio. In this blog we will focus on how to maintain and care for your paver patios.

Stone paver patios can be cleaned in a variety of ways and the regularity of cleaning depends on how often the surface is used. Routine cleaning will help ensure the finish stays intact and cuts down on the wear and tear from normal use. You will want to clean up dirt and spills when they happen and sweep off the surface frequently. Using an absorbent cleaner, such as a commercial product, or even cat litter, for picking up spilled liquids or oil, can be useful. Regular cleaning can be done using a wet mop and warm water and dish-washing liquid, if it’s a fresh stain that needs to be cleaned.  Try to avoid applying a lot of pressure to the seams, as this can loosen the stones. Make sure you clean the surface of soap by rinsing thoroughly, and then dry it, because if moisture is allowed to sit for too long it will weaken the grout and can also tarnish the finish.

At least once a year you should consider a major patio cleaning by having professional landscaper, such as Landworks, Inc.  A professional, with experience in cleaning patios, will come in with power equipment and get the job done efficiently and effectively, without damaging the substrate underneath the pavers. They can also conduct an inspection and replace any filler from between the bricks or stones that might have weakened or come out with the wash.  Not all cleaning methods are appropriate for patios, such as sandblasting or acid, which will harm the surface of brick.

Landworks, Inc. experts will apply the best techniques to avoid future water damage or harm to your patio. Additionally, they will be able to make recommendations on whether or not to seal your patio, which will enable them to resist oils, dirt build-up, weeds and mold. Sealing will also help resist prolonged damage from the seasonal cycle of freezing and thawing. By investing in professional landscape experts such as Landworks, Inc. to seal your patio, your patio will be strengthened and protected. You can be assured that they right products and methods are being used to maintain your patios, Overland Park, Kansas, for many years to come.

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