The Lawn Fertilizer Service Offered By Landworks Is Important For Fall Winterizer Chemical Application

As a professional Lawn Fertilizer Service, Landworks knows the importance of a fall winterizer chemical application and uses a high rate nitrogen fertilizer up until the end of the year. Landworks helps clients beautify and preserve their outdoor lawn and landscapes with quality Lawn Fertilizer Service and other products. Keeping your lawn, shrubs and trees in great shape is just one of the professional lawn and landscaping services provided to the Kansas City area.

A Lawn Fertilizer Service plan is an essential part of a comprehensive lawn care program. Not only is a well-fertilized lawn healthier and greener, it is also far better at preventing weed infestation, disease and drought. Weed control, combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices, will keep the grass growing and minimize weeds. Landworks has a month-to-month fertilizer plan for your lawn, including fall winterizer chemical application.

In the past, the belief was that winterizers should be low in nitrogen and high in potassium and phosphorus, but recent research has disproved this, and shown that the opposite is true.  The ideal winterizer will be mostly nitrogen fertilizer, according to The best time to apply a winterizer is after the grass stops growing in the fall, while it is still green on top and active below the surface.

Fall winterizer chemical application is important for your yard.

A lush, green lawn is a prized addition to a landscape and proper fertilization helps maintain this attractive, living carpet. While grass needs at least 18 elements for proper growth, most of these elements are sufficiently supplied through natural soil processes and are readily available for plant uptake unless soil conditions are improper. Important exceptions, however, are the three primary macronutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — which grasses require in greater quantities than is usually available in the soil for fall winterizer chemical application. Fertilizers containing these nutrients are applied to a lawn to promote healthy grass growth. Quick-release nitrogen encourages a rapid response or green-up.

Since 1995, Landworks has been keeping your grass green, healthy, and free of weeds. We have a Certified Chemical Applicator and a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, as well as a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, on staff to identify all your tree, shrub, and lawn fertilizer service needs. Landworks will provide you with a worry-free, regular lawn maintenance program and design a customized lawn fertilizer service plan that will be the most beneficial for your specific lawn type.

Landworks specializes in all aspects of lawn care services for commercial and residential properties. Our customized lawn maintenance programs are designed to meet your needs, including mowing, mulching, shrub/tree trimming, and lawn fertilization programs. Landworks offers a free consultation for all our landscaping, irrigation and lawn care services in Johnson County, Kansas and the surrounding Kansas City metro area.

If you are looking for results and a lawn that you will feel proud of, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300 to request more information. We are a professional Lawn Fertilizer Service company, providing free consultations and a free lawn care analysis.