Lawn Care Services Help Conserve Water While Keeping Your Yard Healthy

Lawn care services with Landworks Landscaping Company includes tips for watering your yard wisely. Landworks offers advice from how to prevent over watering, to upkeep of shrubs and garden plants. Following this advice can conserve water and also keep your yard green all season long.
Using water wisely is especially important during the summer. A majority of water is used for lawns and gardens, and most of this could be maintained with 25% to 40% less water. Water efficient lawns and gardens also save water and money, lessen the amount of required maintenance and still result in beautiful landscaping.
When activating your sprinkler system, perform a head-to-head, zone-by-zone analysis of your system and make appropriate adjustments to your system so you don’t water the house, sidewalk, or street. Locate and fix broken, clogged, sunken or tilted sprinkler heads and check for leaks in your underground pipes. Lawn care services with Landworks Landscaping Company includes design, installation, maintenance and sprinkler repair for all types of systems, including Rain Bird and Hunter sprinkler systems.
Efficient water use is especially important during the hot summer months when as much as 50 percent of home water use is for watering lawns and gardens. Water your lawn about one inch a week, including rain, in temperatures below 85 degrees. Hotter temperatures will require about an inch-and-a-half of water. A rain sensor can also assist so you’re not watering unnecessarily. During the scorching hot months of summer, conservation is key when it comes to sprinklers/irrigation for watering and lawn care. Landworks Landscaping Company can install rain sensors that are shut-off devices designed to interrupt the cycle of an automatic controller when a specific amount of rainfall has occurred and ensures that no water goes to waste when watering your lawn this summer.
Landworks-Inc Lawn Care Services Help Conserve Water While Keeping Your Yard Healthy
Watering your lawn should be done in the early morning, when temperatures are cooler and the water won’t be lost to evaporation. Cooler temperatures and calm breezes help keep evaporation to a minimum. Watering in the morning keeps the turf cooler during the hot parts of the day, which means less stress on the grass. Don’t water on windy days, because water can be blown away from plants.
When the rain does come, saving water from storms or diverting rainwater back to the landscape is a great way to supplement your efficiency measures. Rain barrels or cisterns can be used to harvest rainwater for irrigation and other outdoor water uses. Rooftop downspouts can also be diverted towards rain gardens that easily soak up the rain rather than sending it to storm water drains.
Other tips for lawn care services offered by Landworks Landscaping Company include conserving water by sweeping your driveways, sidewalks, and steps instead of using a hose; checking your garden hoses for leaks; washing your car with water in a bucket instead of a constantly running hose; and mulching around shrubs and garden plants to reduce evaporation from the soil surface.
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