Lawn Care Services With Landworks Knows Fall Is The Best Time To Plant

Lawn care services with Landworks Landscaping Company includes many different projects, and now is the time to start thinking about planning for the fall. It’s a good idea to make a plan before you plant – do you want shade, color, or privacy? Landworks offers the following reasons to help with planning for your fall landscaping and lawn services.
Reason #1 – The weather in the fall is generally very good planting weather. Warm days and cool nights are ideal for establishing new plants.  In addition, your new plants will have 6-8 months to get rooted in before the weather gets hot again.
Reason #2 – Soil temperatures are still fairly warm which helps the plants establish their roots faster.  In the spring, when the soils are usually still cool and soggy from the winter, the plants will root in slower. Plant in the fall and your plants will be well on their way to having an established root system in the spring, which will mean a healthier, more lush looking landscape.
Landworks Inc Landscaping Company Lawn Care Services With Landworks Knows Fall Is The Best Time To Plant
Reason #3 – Everyone wants a landscape installation and lawn care services that is as easy to maintain as possible. Planting in the fall means you will need to water the new beds less frequently.  When new plants are installed it is best to keep the soil moist, but not muddy. Soil conditions such as this are quite easy to maintain in the fall.  It is still a good idea to check the condition of the soil at the base of the new plants every day, but chances are good that you will find that the cool nights of fall help keep the soil at the base of the plants from drying out.
Reason #4 – Weeds are much more active in the spring than in the fall. Planting now will mean less weed competition to the plants and less time maintaining the beds for you.
Reason #5 – Most people think that spring is the best time to plant. Scheduling your landscape project and lawn care services for the fall instead of the spring with Landworks Landscaping Company will mean that you will enjoy your beautiful new landscaping project in the spring while your neighbor is still waiting to have theirs installed.
Do you need ideas? Our landscape designer will come to your home, discuss possible layouts, color schemes, plant selections and your budget. Landworks Landscaping Company will create a quality design of lawn care services based on the ideas we have generated together.
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