Lawn Care Services Includes Mulching, An Important Part Of Your Landscaping

Lawn care services at Landworks Landscaping Company includes many services to include mowing, shrub and tree trimming, seasonal flowers, aeration and seeding, lawn fertilization programs, and mulching. Mulch is an important part of your landscaping for many reasons.

Are you sick of weeding or watering your garden all the time? Losing plants to hot summers and freezing winters? There may be a simple solution to minimize the impact of these challenges – mulch! Mulch is a material that is spread around a plant or over the soil surface as a protective layer. If you think of soil as a ‘cake,’ the mulch is simply the ‘icing’ or ‘topping’. It provides a huge range of benefits for you and your garden. Mulch comes from a wide variety of organic or inorganic materials.

Lawn care services includes mulching an important part of landscaping Landworks.

Benefits of using mulch include:
1) Adds organic matter to your soil. This helps make your garden healthier and more resistant to pest and disease. 
2) Helps retain moisture in the soil for longer. Mulch prevents evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun. It also reduces water run-off during rain or watering. This reduces the amount of water needed, which in turns saves money. 
3) Provides a natural barrier to stop weeds from growing and competing with plants for nutrients by blocking the sunlight. Lawn care services provided by Landworks Landscaping Company helps with weed control.
4) Increases biological activity in your soil by providing beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms with food.
5) Protects plants from frost damage by acting as a protective ‘blanket.’
6) Provides support around plants especially young seedlings. Lawn care services with Landworks Landscaping Company includes installation of plants and care of them.
7) Improves the visual appearance of your garden.
If you have trees on your property, shredding fallen leaves creates a nutrient-rich mulch for free. You don’t need a special machine either; a lawn mower with a bagger will collect leaves and cut them into the perfect size for mulching. Landworks Landscaping Company provides mulching as part of their lawn care services.

Spread a wood chip or shredded leaf mulch anywhere on your property, but it looks especially attractive in flower beds, shrub borders, and garden pathways. Of course, it’s right at home in a woodland or shade garden. Wood chips aren’t a great idea for vegetable and annual flower beds, though, since you’ll be digging these beds every year and the chips will get in the way.

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