Lawn Care Overland Park Kansas

Lawn care and the regular removal of fallen leaves at your Overland Park property is necessary in order to let your lawn breath through the winter months. In the fall, the trees are bare and all the tree shade is gone – thus allowing your grass to receive the maximum light it needs to grow and thicken in preparation for winter. Heavy piles of leaves that have been left to accumulate on the lawn can form a heavy mass that may damage the grass by blocking the sunlight and reducing water evaporation that is necessary for the health of your grass through the winter. The matted leaves can cause fungus, mold and disease and can destroy your grass.

Professional lawn care companies can not only ensure that your lawn is looking beautiful, groomed and prepared for winter, but also make sure that you are in compliance with your city or county code requirements. Localities within Johnson County have varying standards for homeowner’s maintaining their lawns.

Landworks, Inc., recommends that your leaves be removed on a regular basis, preferably each week. If leaves are not removed frequently the leaf litter will become compacted and get too thick for effective mulching. One way to ensure the best lawn care is by mulching the leaves back into the lawn, and if done properly, it will benefit the grass by returning nutrients and other organic matter matter into the lawn, resulting in long-term, positive effects. This is best done when the leaves are dry and not wet and matted down. This is the proper time of year for mulching the fallen leaves while the soil temperature is still warm because it will help with faster decomposition of the leaves.

Raking leaves is time-consuming and lawn care can be physically demanding. If you have a large lawn, or if you experience any physical limitations, for example, and are not up to the task of doing the work yourself, you should consider hiring a professional lawn care service. A leaf removal company is efficient and have able-bodied crews to do the labor and get it done the right way. If you choose removal over mulching, we will dispose of the waste in the appropriate manner.

There are many lawn care companies to choose from, so take your time when choosing a professional service. Landworksoffers competitive rates for leaf removal, but the biggest benefit to hiring a company is not having to do it yourself. However you leave your lawn looking this fall is how it will remain all winter long. Remaining leaves on the lawn during the winter months can lead to dead or damaged grass in the spring and can be more labor-intensive leading to higher clean up costs.

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