Lawn Care Company Watering Best Practices

Landworks is a lawn care company offering irrigation system installation and service, in addition to many other services, in Johnson County, KS. In order to give grass as much as it needs and still conserve water, it is important that you don’t water too much or too little. Landworks is here to help you optimize your watering this summer.

Optimize Summer Watering

Landworks is a lawn care company offering irrigation system installation and service, in addition to many other services, in Johnson County, KS.Turf grass needs from 1″ to 1 1/2″ of water per week, and moisture should penetrate 6″ to 8″ into the soil. Trees and shrubs also need a deep weekly soaking in hot, dry weather. Shrubs should be watered three times as long as turf. 

Because they require more water than turf grass, soaker hoses are a wise choice for trees, shrubs, vegetable and flower gardens. A soaker hose focuses the water on the soil rather than spraying it into the air, which helps prevent evaporation and over-spray. A lawn care company like Landworks also uses mulch around trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable plants to reduce evaporation from the surface of the soil as well as helping to prevent weeds.

Use a thatch rake to remove the layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the green grass and the soil surface to encourage movement of water to the roots. Longer grass blades shade each other, which reduces evaporation. A lawn care company like Landworks will typically recommend raising your mow height to 3-3.5” to provide insulation from heat and reduce water loss during hot summer months.

You can further improve watering efficiency by keeping sprinklers from hitting sidewalks and driveways.  Also make sure you don’t have water running down your curb lines, as this may be a sign of overwatering.

Water in the early morning when the sun is low, winds are calm, and temperatures are cooler to reduce evaporation. Sprinkler/irrigation systems professionally installed by a lawn care company like Landworks have controllers to make this easy. Timers can limit watering to cooler times of day.

Sprinkler/Irrigation Systems From Landworks Lawn Care Company

Different regions of the country receive different amounts of rainfall and this influences sprinklers/irrigation needs. During the scorching hot months of summer, conservation is key when it comes to sprinklers/irrigation for watering and lawn care. Landworks, Inc. can install rain sensors that are shut-off devices designed to interrupt the cycle of an automatic controller when a specific amount of rainfall has occurred. This ensures that no water goes to waste when watering your lawn. 

Some rain sensors are mounted in open areas to catch and measure rainfall, while others are placed in the ground to detect moisture in the soil. Automatic irrigations systems also offer independent station programming to provide certain parts of your landscape with more water than others (depending on plants’ individual moisture needs).

Call Landworks, Inc. and request an estimate to install your sprinklers/irrigation system today!