Lawn Care Company Tips To Control Fleas

Every good lawn care company knows that flea problems often start in your own backyard. Fortunately, Landworks is here to help you take control.

Every good lawn care company knows that flea problems often start in your own backyard.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small, wingless, flat insects that feed on warm-blooded animals, including humans. Adult fleas are about 1/8 of an inch long and dark reddish-brown in color. They can be very hard to spot because they jump so fast and are able to hide in an animal’s fur. Using a flea comb and wetting the fur can help you catch them for a visual inspection.

While fleas will feed on human blood, they prefer furry animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, and opossums. Because they only feed on warm-blooded animals, fleas are drawn to heat and movement.

Preventing Flea Infestation

To prevent continuous flea infestation, you must interrupt the flea’s life cycle at an immature stage. Pet grooming and housekeeping procedures are particularly important.

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is crucial to flea control because they typically feed, lay eggs, and make food for future generations all on your pet. Pets should be bathed after playing with other animals or going for walks. Check their coats thoroughly for fleas, especially after spending time outdoors, and watch for excessive scratching and licking. It is also a good idea to talk with your veterinarian about flea prevention treatments.


Flea eggs drop off your pet before they hatch. Places that your pet frequents, in particular resting and sleeping areas, are prime sites for flea eggs and larvae. The best method of killing flea eggs and larvae without using insecticides is to keep a washable surface under your pet when it’s resting. Towels work well and should be washed every other day. If your pet rests on your furniture, rug, or wood floor and you don’t want to place a towel there, then you’ll have to vacuum, wash, or steam clean the area. 

Outside The Home

Outside dog and cat houses are notorious for breeding fleas. Landworks lawn care company recommends using a plastic pet house for outdoor use rather than a wooden one so you can wash the inside of the house once a week with a strong water spray without mildew destroying the wood.

Eggs and larvae are effectively killed by soaking in water. Therefore, Landworks lawn care company recommends soaking outside areas at least once a week throughout flea season. Sprinkler service from a lawn care company like Landworks makes this easy.

A Lawn Care Company Can Help

Because fleas are carried by rodents, it is important to eliminate any rodent hideouts by keeping your lawn properly landscaped. This includes regular mowing, replacing loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and windows, and removing all water sources around the property.

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