A Landscaping Company Like Landworks Will Prepare Your Lawn For The Fall

The right preparation to get your yard ready for the fall will save you time and energy when spring rolls around, and a Landscaping Company like Landworks is ready to help. Landworks has year-round maintenance to keep your yard clean, especially during the fall when the leaves can clutter your lawn and keep your lawn from breathing.
Cleaning up fallen leaves is a burdensome task, especially if you have many large trees on your property. Performing the continuous leaf clean up task allows your turf to breathe and receive sunlight, which are vital elements to a healthy lawn. If you have few leaves, you can run the lawn mower over them and let them feed the lawn. However, if you have a substantial amount of leaves that you can’t see your lawn underneath, it’s best to bag them, as the leaves may suffocate and destroy the grass before they turn into fertilizer. If you have lots of leaves, composting these leaves is another great way to handle the debris.
Landscaping Company Landworks will prepare your yard for fall.
Lawns have to breathe and turf can be smothered if a thick layer of unshredded leaves is left on top of it over the winter. Leaves can impede the growth of these grasses if excessive leaf coverage prevents sunlight and air from reaching the turf. If not raked up, the leaves cast too much shade over the grass below. Fallen leaves are also the perfect place for pests to settle in for the winter in turf and flower beds, so keep those leaves cleaned up to keep the critters at bay.
A Landscaping Company like Landworks is prepared to do this for you, so you can enjoy pumpkin patches and hay rides instead. Let Landworks do the work for you.
The experienced team of Landworks professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of the lawn care services industry and are committed to your satisfaction. Lawn care solutions are provided for retaining your property’s value. Our commitment to excellence is a number one priority for all our services provides, especially as a Landscaping Company.
Landworks is prepared to help your lawn get ready for winter. The Landscaping Company will know exactly how to get your lawn prepared for the fall and the long winter ahead. For a free quote, visit https://landworks-inc.com/contact-us/. For more information about preparing your lawn for fall and other services Landworks offers, call (913) 422-9300. And remember to gather, shred or compost those leaves so your turf can breathe this winter season!