Landworks Landscaping Company Is Ready To Help With Weeds

Landworks Landscaping Company offers commercial landscaping services and lawn care services, among many others. Weeds are one of the most unsightly and toughest things to get rid of in a landscape. The key, like many things in lawn maintenance, is to prevent them before they happen.
Once the weeds have started to show, a pre-emergent is no longer effective and the weeds will have to be sprayed with a weed killer or pulled by hand.

Landworks Landscaping Company is ready to help with weeds.

Presence of Weeds in Beds 

  • One of the hardest things to control in landscaping  
  • Lessens the overall beauty of the property  
  • Harm other plant life in the bed by stealing sunlight, water, and nutrients  
  • A single weed can produce up to 52,000 seeds
  • Warm wet weather in the spring allows weeds to grow rapidly
  • Can be prevented by applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring and fall (for the following growing season) 
How Pre-Emergent Herbicides Work
  • The herbicide soaks into the mulch/soil when properly watered  
  • Creates an invisible barrier in the mulch/soil area
  • Stops weed seeds from germinating
  • Kills newly germinated seeds  
Benefits of Using Pre-Emergent
  • Using a pre-emergent herbicide is the most effective way to control weeds  
  • Poses no danger to desirable plants  
  • Use of pre-emergent in the spring and fall decreases the need to use weed killers throughout the summer
  • Pre-emergent herbicides kill the weed permanently  
  • Less labor intensive
  • No dead material to clean up  
  • One-time application- soaks into soil if properly watered  
  • Prevents weeds for weeks 
Timing is everything when it comes to controlling weeds on your property. It is much easier to prevent the weeds with Landworks landscaping company from popping up than getting rid of them once they have shown. Using a pre-emergent herbicide during the spring and fall is a very effective and efficient way to prevent them from ever happening.
When’s the best time to pull a weed? Yesterday. When’s the second best time? Now. It’s an old joke, but there’s actually a lot of truth to it – the earlier you eliminate a weed, the less of a chance there is for it to multiply and take over the entire garden. There are your usual suspects, those names that come to mind instantly when talking about weeds: dandelions, thistles, crabgrass and chickweed.
If you’re looking for how to stop weeds from growing in the first place, consider a chemical option. Pre-emergent herbicides stop weed seeds from germinating. They’re tailored to target specific combinations of weeds or weed families. Simply apply the pre-emergent to your garden before the weed seeds begin to germinate – in early spring or after cultivating.
Landworks landscaping company is ready to apply pre-emergent for commercial landscaping services and lawn care services to keep your lawn weed-free. Landworks landscaping company has certified and trained professionals ready to help with your lawn care services. For more information, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300.