Landscaping Company Landworks Uses Ornamental Grasses To Enhance Your Home, Business

A landscaping company like Landworks can use ornamental grasses in many colors, sizes, and shapes to fill in spaces in a commercial or residential property. One of the biggest challenges facing home and business owners is the task of converting large bare spaces into attractive landscaping – all within a budget. While shrubs, trees, and flower beds add beauty and color to any property, that is not all that they do. When used wisely, landscaping can introduce privacy and provide natural barriers that partition green spaces or manage foot traffic.
Because of their color, texture and movement, ornamental grasses are wonderful additions to landscapes. Even better, you get all this beauty for little work – once established, just water during drought and cut them back in early spring. They withstand pests (even deer avoid them). There are many varieties available, so finding one to suit your garden style and growing conditions as well as your taste should be easy. Landworks landscaping company will work with you to pick the right ornamental grasses for your yard or business.
Landscaping company Landworks can plant ornamental grasses to enhance your yard.
Ornamental grasses present a unique design element as they can be used in all settings – as part of the bones, the flesh, or as decorative accents. With graceful motion, attractive form, interesting texture, and striking colors, their appeal is immediate. A wonderfully diverse group of plants, grasses and sedges are carefree, easy to grow, and not too fussy about soil or light requirements.
Ornamentals are noted for their elegant habits – short, mounded tufts; tall, swaying seedheads; feathery textures; and a lovely array of colors all add striking beauty and captivating visual interest to the garden. Landworks landscaping company knows which ornamental grasses will work best with your yard or business.
Landworks landscaping company offers many services for both home and business owners, including commercial landscaping services, patio designs, retaining wall design, and more. For more information, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300.