Landscaping Company Landworks Will Add Mulch To Your Landscape Which Provides Benefits

Landworks Landscaping Company provides all types of lawn care services. Landworks incorporates paver patios, walkways, seating walls, fire pits, retaining walls, drainage solutions, and complete outdoor kitchens to provide character and harmony for your exterior pleasure. Mulch can complete the look of your yard, and besides looking good, it does much more for your landscaping.
Mulch serves several purposes. It will not just suppress weeds and slow moisture evaporation but should also break down into the underlying soil gradually and thereby improve the soil’s texture. A layer of mulch helps moderate soil temperatures. Mulch serves as a buffer from soil compaction caused by rain and helps prevent the crusting-over of bare soil that can sometimes prevent moisture from being absorbed. Landworks Landscaping Company can help you determine how much and where mulch would work best in your landscaping. - Landscaping Company - Mulch
Mulch is best used around trees, shrubs, and in garden beds where you won’t be doing a lot of digging, like front walkways and foundation plantings. These woody mulches don’t mix well into the soil, and it can become a hassle to have to keep moving them aside to make way for new plants.
Quality mulch used by a landscaping company like Landworks includes the following:
1.      Stabilizes soils and prevents erosion.
2.      Helps soils retain moisture for plant use.
3.      Improves soil structure and quality over time, if properly applied.
4.      Looks great in your yard.
5.      Improves biological activity and mixes organic materials into soils.
6.      Prevents weed growth.
7.      Can be an effective herbicide in place of chemicals, cutting, mowing etc.
Do you need ideas? Our landscape designers will come to your home for a free consultation, discuss possible layouts, color schemes, plant selections and your budget. Landworks will create a quality design based on the ideas generated together.
Since 1995, Landworks has created some of the most unique and impressive backyard sanctuaries. Our hardscape and landscaping professionals are qualified and eager to bring your vision to life. From consultation, design work and installation – Landworks has all the stages covered to ensure your project is created and crafted with quality workmanship.
For more information about mulch and other services Landworks provides, including commercial landscaping services and lawn care services, call (913) 422-9300. For a quote, click here.