Landworks Landscaping Company Installs The NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System

Landworks landscaping company knows mosquitoes are uninvited guests to any outdoor gathering and from spending a comfortable summer outdoors. There are steps that can be taken to rid your yard from mosquitoes, including the NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System, which Landworks installs as part of their lawn care services.

After all the spring moisture, it’s a good idea to go on mosquito patrol in the yard to eliminate their breeding grounds (standing water). Walk around your landscape and look for areas or things that are holding water. Empty everything that has water, including trays under planting containers, buckets, tires, toys, lids and tarps.

Change water often in birdbaths, wading pools, fountains, and animal troughs. Check rain gutters to see that they are draining properly, clean gutters each spring and fall. Keep your screens on windows and doors in good repair.

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Bug zappers aren’t recommended for mosquito control, because they can hurt beneficial insect predators. Citronella candles, torches and fans may be helpful along with removing all standing water. Mosquito repellent sprays or lotions on your skin and clothing are recommended when outside in the garden or outdoor living area. Read and follow all label instructions for application and use. 

Landworks landscaping company recommends and installs the NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System. It is simple to use and can go hand in hand with an outdoor lighting system. Each fixture provides 110 square feet of coverage, creating a 12-foot sphere of repellency. An invisible and odorless vapor barrier that is created will keep mosquitoes out of the coverage area.

With this system, you can safely enjoy your backyard all summer long.  

Landworks, Inc. mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality irrigation, landscape and lawn maintenance services in the industry. Visit NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System to learn more, or call Landworks landscaping company at (913) 422-9300. To request a quote, click here.