Landworks Landscaping Company Enhances Your Yard With Flower Installation

Landworks landscaping company is ready to help plan out your landscaping and that includes flowers and flower beds to enhance your yard. There are many types and colors of flowers, and Landworks, an award-winning landscaping company, knows which types of flowers will work best with your home and landscape.
Imagine a gorgeous flower garden drenched with color from early spring to the first frost of autumn. A few of the spring flowers that will thrive include: ‘Black Lace’ elderberry, Rozanne geranium, ‘Foxtrot’ tulip, ‘King of Hearts’ dicentra, ‘Obsidian’ heuchera, and Wine & Roses weigela. - Landscaping Company plants flowers.
To prepare to plant your flowers, usually after Mother’s Day in the Kansas City area, the following can be done by Landworks landscaping company:
 •    Cut back last year’s growth from perennials & trim back dead grasses
 •    Remove seed heads from spring bulbs
 •    Fertilize spring flowering bulbs
 •    Add organic matter such as compost before planting new flowers
 •    Divide perennials
 •    Plant new roses
 •    Prune rose bushes
 •    Fertilize rose bushes for spring growth
 •    Plant annuals from seed and transplants
Note: Do not remove foliage from spring flowering bulbs, as growth is needed for next year’s flowers.
For May, after any chance of frost is gone, the following can be done for flowers:
  • Plant annual flowers for summer color
  •  Continue to plant and divide perennials
  • Mulch perennial and annual gardens for weed control and moisture retention
  • Begin pinching chrysanthemums for bushier plants
  • Do not remove foliage from spring bulbs until it dies down naturally, this develops stronger blooms for next year
  • Plant container gardens and hanging baskets using a good quality potting mix
Landworks landscaping company specializes in all aspects of lawn care services for commercial and residential properties. Our customized lawn maintenance programs are designed to meet your needs, including mowing, mulching, shrub/tree trimming, and lawn fertilization programs. Landworks offers a free consultation for all our landscaping, irrigation and lawn care services in Johnson County, Kansas and the surrounding Kansas City metro area.
From sprinkler activations/repairs to a full services program tailored to set your landscape apart from others, contact Landworks for all your lawn care needs. To request a quote, click here.