Landworks Landscaping Company Has Tips From What Type Of Firewood To Buy To How Much

Landworks Landscaping Company knows that many people prefer to heat their homes with wood, and for good reason. Wood gives a rich, dry heat that seems to warm you from the inside out. Many also prefer the dancing flame of the fire itself to that of a gas or oil burner. Plus, modern wood stoves reduce pollution.

There are three things to be aware of when buying wood. The first is quality. You want wood that is clean, not muddy, and cut to the same lengths. You don’t want stumps or large unsplit pieces. You want something uniform that you can pick up with one hand. Secondly, you want dry wood that will burn the day you get it. Third, you want the right amount of wood. How much wood are you buying? Is that the same amount you received?

cord is a measurement of wood that when neatly stacked and rowed equals 128 cubic feet. This stack measures four feet tall by four feet wide by eight feet long or its equivalent (which means stack it neatly any way you like as long as it equals 128 cubic feet).

Firewood should be stacked straight up, just like you would stack if you had to stack your own wood, according to Landworks Landscaping Company. The scam comes with the criss-cross stacking of firewood, log cabin style. You’ve seen the wood stacked this way, whether it has been stacked for you this way or you saw it at a neighbors. The logic behind this method is that it creates air space, making it appear that you received more wood than you actually received.

Know what size wood your woodstove or fireplace uses. Most dealers will cut wood into certain lengths (for example 18 inches). To get special lengths you may have to special order it early or pay a premium.

Landworks Landscaping Company Tips What Type Firewood How Much

Choosing wood can be easy with these tips from Landworks Landscaping Company. Oak has more heat content than maple, but the main consideration is dryness. It takes about 12 months to fully season firewood — that is, for it to air-dry enough to allow it to burn efficiently. Green wood — that which isn’t yet sufficiently dry — burns poorly. It gives off more smoke and less heat, plugs up your chimney and ultimately wastes your money. Species matters less than dryness, so whatever wood you use, make sure it’s been split in half, if not quarters, for at least nine months before burning. 

Enjoying a warm, cozy fire requires a clean, safe fireplace. Here are some tips from Landworks Landscaping Company for keeping it that way:  
· Keep the glass open to allow air to be drawn up to cool the chimney, but keep the screen closed to prevent sparks from jumping onto the flooring or carpeting.
· Never leave a fire unattended, especially when children are in the house. Adults, even if near, should not allow children to play near or with fire tools and equipment.
· Before building a fire, open the glass doors, pull aside the screen curtains, and place the kindling, newspaper and logs inside. Next, open the damper and a window. The window needs to be open only a few inches. You can check to make sure the smoke will go up the chimney properly by lighting a match, quickly blowing it out and watching the smoke to see whether it’s going up and out.
· Use a chimney cap to prevent water damage, to keep animals from nesting and to keep debris from blocking the chimney and causing carbon monoxide to flow into the house. 
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