Landworks Landscaping Company Has Advice For Turf Fertilizer Plans

Landworks Landscaping Company helps our clients beautify and preserve their outdoor lawn and landscapes with quality lawn fertilizer service and products. Keeping your lawn, shrubs and trees in great shape is just one of the many professional lawn and landscaping services we provide to the entire Kansas City area including cities such as Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Leawood and beyond. 

The benefits of lawn fertilizer are endless. For starters, feeding your grass will let it grow greener and thicker. Fertilizing improves the health of a lawn’s root system, making the grass more resistant to weeds and drought. When done properly, lawn feeding drastically upgrades the yard’s appearance and makes those summer barbecues all the more welcoming.

Fertilization, like any lawn care task, requires special attention when it comes to timing, frequency, and location. All of these factors impact its effectiveness. In fact, neglecting them can hurt your lawn.

Landworks Landscaping Company Has Advice For Turf Fertilizer Plans

Landworks Landscaping Company has a Certified Chemical Applicator and a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, as well as a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, on staff to identify all your tree, shrub, and lawn fertilizer service needs. Landworks will provide you with a worry-free, regular lawn maintenance program and design a customized lawn fertilizer service plan that will be the most beneficial for your specific lawn type.

A lawn fertilization program takes into consideration what the grass is doing. In early spring, grass is programmed to use carbohydrates produced in the previous fall to break dormancy and begin growth. The lawn fertilization goal in spring is to apply just enough nitrogen to keep grass functioning properly and from becoming chlorotic.

In the summer, especially in the warmer climates, cool season grasses struggle and easily become stressed. Too much nitrogen forces the grass to grow when it cannot support it. The goal is to provide enough nitrogen to prevent yellowing (chlorosis).

Landworks Landscaping provides many services including turf damage repair, lawn insect control, lawn fungus control, ornamental plant and shrub care, as well as landscaping and irrigation design and installation services. We will have your yard looking amazing in no time!

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