Landscape Maintenance Tips to Make Your Yard Blossom

Spring landscape maintenance often means planting and caring for a flowerbed. A healthy and well-planned bed of flowers can add a splash of color to your yard in a fun and natural way. For those without green thumbs, however, this hobby can feel like more of a burdensome chore. That’s why Landworks inc. wants to offer the following advice to help your yard look beautiful without having to become an expert.

When to plant flowers

The important date for a lot of springtime landscape maintenance is the last frost date for your region. Spring is the most popular time to plant flowers, but often the last frost date can be closer to the start of summer in the Midwest. That aside, perennials like irises and Shasta daisies can live for three or more growing seasons and can be planted in the early fall in the north and the late fall in the south.

Low-Maintenance flowers

If you want your landscape maintenance to be less involved, you should plan your garden accordingly. The following list is abloom with flowers that are perfect for beginners:
  • Siberian Iris: These can be planted in the full sun or partial shade. Siberian Irises will bloom in the early summer and once the flowers are finished, not removing the leaves will let the flower absorb sunlight to return in the next season.
  • Marigolds: This flower is easy to grow in sunny spots. They flower in shades of yellow, red and gold and bloom all summer long. Some varieties will grow to around three to five feet tall, but you can find shorter, more compact varieties to save some work for yourself.
  • Begonias: Varieties of this flower such as the “surefire rose” are great for hanging baskets, containers, and garden beds. If you give them sun or shade, they’ll reward you with lots of lush color. 

How should you plant your flowers?

Different types of flowers have different requirements for landscape maintenance. Flowers like Zinnia require specific spacing to provide them with proper air circulation. When flowers have specific needs, directions will likely be listed on the seed packet telling you what you need to know. 
If you need help planning out your spring flower bed, Landworks can help. Landworks, Inc. offers landscape maintenance solutions to meet the specific challenges of your yard. Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from having the beautiful lawn you deserve. Call Landworks today at (913) 422-9300 or click here to request a quote online.