Landscape Maintenance: Attracting Birds To Your Outdoors

Landscape maintenance can include a variety of ways to attract birds to your outdoor space.Landscape maintenance can include a variety of ways to attract birds to your outdoor space. Providing water, shelter, food and plants that are food sources creates a valuable resource for our feathered friends while birdwatching reduces stress for us. That makes bird-friendly landscape maintenance a win-win!



Provide Water Year-Round

Whether it is fancy statuary or a simple bowl, a birdbath is one of the best ways to attract avian guests. This time of year, you should change the water every two or three days (if there is even any left after one day.) In the winter, use a heater to keep the water from freezing. Place your birdbath at least 10 feet away from any dense cover that could be hiding a predator.


Food For The Birds

You can attract birds to your outdoor spaces by providing food in feeders and/or planting a bird garden with native plants that produce seeds, berries, nuts, and nectar.


Bird feeders are an excellent supplemental food source during hard winters or other times of food scarcity. They provide ideal viewing opportunities as well.


When planting a bird garden, use a variety of native plants so that there are different food sources available throughout the year. Ideally, your bird garden should emulate the plant ecosystem native to our area. Be sure to remove any invasive species before they have a chance to choke out the native plants.


Give Them Shelter

Including evergreen shrubs or trees in your bird garden provides good cover for birds year-round. Any kind of foliage dense enough to hide from cats, hawks, and other predators will help the birds feel safe in your garden. They also like layers of vegetation, so choose plants of varying heights and plant in staggered rows to create a tiered effect.


Nesting boxes or birdhouses with ventilation holes at the top and drainage holes on the bottom provide a safe place to nest. It is important to monitor them, however, as invasive species will often drive out the desirable birds. Choose boxes that do not have perches on the outside to discourage harassment of the residents from other birds.


Landscape Maintenance From Landworks

At Landworks, we specialize in providing quality landscaping services for commercial and residential properties. We can create a bird garden that will be the envy of your friends and neightbors. Our qualified team members will visit your property throughout the year to ensure that your landscaping is well maintained to your complete satisfaction.


Our landscape maintenance services include mowing, mulching, shrub/tree trimming, spring/fall clean ups, and lawn fertilization/weed control programs. Landworks offers a free consultation for all of our landscaping, irrigation and lawn care services in Johnson County, Kansas and the surrounding Kansas City metro area.


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