Landscape Installation by Landworks, Inc. – Kansas City

Landscape installation encompasses everything from trimming trees and planting shrubs and flowers to building a paver patio or retaining wall. It can go even bigger if your planned landscape installation is for an office, shopping center or apartment complex. Even hospitals rely on professional landscapers to handle their landscape installation.

Landscape installation is a job best left to the professionals, and the crew at Landworks, Inc., are the best in the business. They earn their living moving dirt and water around to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment on your property. A landscaping project at your home can range from a basic, practical lawn with shrubbery, to a specialty landscape installation involving a variety of features. Sprinklers and irrigation systems are often included in a basic landscaping project.

A more specialized landscape installation might include a water garden or fountain with more sophisticated irrigation systems in place. There are nearly endless varieties of flora and fauna that can be used to create a mini-wonderland in your garden or backyard. Installing new landscaping can require a new or enhanced patio, deck or pool area to help create a comfortable area for relaxation or for family fun time. Landscape installation involves manual labor, but it begins with professional design and architectural components.

A landscape contractor will require a few basics in order to do their job of landscape installation. They will need a good water source, outdoor electrical outlets, and adequate parking and work space for their vehicles and equipment. They put in long, hard hours in oftentimes unfavorable weather conditions – it’s hard, dirty work! They need the ability to work in a safe environment that will keep them productive and efficient.

Landworks, Inc’s expert landscapers offer complete landscape services in the Kansas City area. Our landscaping crew listens to you and can help you create the ideal outdoor space. We can do it all — landscape design and installation, patios and pavers, outdoor lighting, fences and decks and cleanup when the job is done.

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