In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Kyle Vanderpool, Landscape Designer, Industry Certified

Kyle has been in the landscape industry for over 30 years, and Landworks has had the pleasure of having him on our design and management team since April 2014. Kyle has multiple certifications in the landscaping industry, he has taught hardscape certification classes, and has won numerous design awards through Mid America Green Industry Council.

We asked Kyle a couple questions…

Q: What inspires you in the landscape designer industry?

A: Nature! I grew up with a passion for drawing and building things. I love developing a sense of beauty and joy in nature…making recommendations on plants, design layout and solving outdoor problems. My motivation comes from my clients that are amazed at how we have transformed their outdoor areas.

Q: What is your favorite tree?
A: The Aspen tree is my favorite. The leaves attach to the branches via a long and flattened petiole. The slightest breeze causes the leaves to shimmer and flutter, and I enjoy the sound.

Q: What should every gardener know?
A: You have to have a good plan. A well planned design will be rewarding for years to come. Remember, just because you come to a project with the right materials, does not mean you will end up with a great design.