Helpful Commercial Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Yard Healthy Through Winter

An important commercial lawn care tip for this time of year is to start preparing your landscaping for the coming winter. The cold weather of winter will send your grass into dormancy. Grass will stop growing once temperatures drop below the range of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. As the snows melt at the end of the season, they will reveal winter damage to your lawn. Landworks in Johnson County wants to help you by offering the following advice. Here are some preventative measures that can be taken to keep this damage to a minimum.
Commercial lawn care from Landworks includes regular mowing and trimming, but if you’re tackling those jobs on your own there are some things you should keep in mind.
Clean Your Lawn
It’s important to keep leaves and debris cleaned up to allow sunlight and air to reach your turf. Wet leaves can also result in lawn disease. Store any lawn furniture inside. High traffic areas of grass can also be harmful to the grass come spring. Make sure you avoid walking on grass that is covered by ice or snow by creating clear paths with sidewalks and driveways. As part of this commercial lawn care tip, you should mulch around trees on your lawn to help shield against winter weather.
Keep Watering
You’ll want to winterize your sprinkler systems to protect against freezing and damaged pipes. However, you’ll also want to keep up with your commercial lawn care by watering trees, shrubs, and turf, in drought conditions. This will likely involve using a hose since sprinklers should be shut down for the cold season. You should only do this when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid creating icy conditions.
Aerate and Fertilize
Aerating your lawn before the first snow will allow the roots to get much-needed nutrients and oxygen before winter. After aerating, you’ll want to spread a high-rate nitrogen fertilizer around the yard. Utilizing this commercial lawn care in the winter will help the grass store the nutrients it needs to grow back healthy in the spring.
There are less daylight hours in the winter than in other seasons. Because of this, it’s important to add outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting will help your lawn as well as brighten your home.
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