Lawn Care Overland Park, KS: How to Get Rid of Grubs

Lawn care and grubs – Every June and July, Landworks Inc. handles calls about lawn care in Overland Park, Kansas – specifically for the treatment of grubs. We see thousands of dollars in damage to non-treated lawns, and that’s why we provide specialized lawn care Overland Park, Kansas grub control services.

First, let us tell you a little bit about grub worms – white grubs are the larvae of various adult beetles, which can have life cycles that range from 1 to 7 years. In June adult beetles lay their eggs in the soil and within weeks the larvae emerge and feed during the late summer and into fall. Extensive damage to lawn care Overland Park, Kansas results from the beetles eating. You’ve no doubt seen the bare, brown patches in your yard already – that’s because of the grubs!

Grubs are as destructive as they are disgusting, and if you’ve taken great care of your lawn care Overland Park, Kansas over the winter and spring, these little slimy white pests can completely ruin all your meticulous work thus far, as patch by patch, grubs will take a bite out of your grass, and the damage can last several seasons.

Further damage is also often seen because other food seeking predators such as moles, skunks, crows and blackbirds like to hang out where grubs are present. If you want to get your lawn care Overland Park, Kansas back this summer; now is the perfect time to take steps to eliminate and control these potentially devastating insects. By catching them before they destroy your lawn in the fall, you will avoid a lot of work and expense later on.

Proper grub control starts with lawn care Overland Park, Kansas, and understanding just exactly what these little buggers are and where they come from so you can figure out how to control their presence and make your lawn care Overland Park, Kansas attractive again. It’s not always a matter of grabbing the first pesticide you find and spraying away – that can damage your grass even more. You need the professional services of a company such as Landworks, Inc. to come to your home and perform tried-and-true treatments. If you suspect an infestation of your lawn in the late summer, dig a square foot hole about 2 inches deep in your soil. If they’re there, you’ll know ‘em when you see ‘em.

Seek lawn care Overland Park, Kansas for advice from the right people to help you control and prevent infestations as well as maintain the health of your lawn. Landworks, Inc.’s certified specialists will gladly help you choose the very best treatment and lawn care plan to suit your needs.

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