Grub Alert

Late summer is when most homeowners notice the physical damage of dead patches in their lawn due to grub infestation.

Grubs are milky white, c-shaped larvae of several types of beetles. In our area, grubs are one of the most damaging lawn insects. They cause damage to turf in the late summer and early fall. You will see the most turf damage in highly sunny portions of your turf, however damage can be done in sunny & shaded areas of your lawn.

How do you know if you have grubs? You will see spotty, brown patches in your turfgrass. Lift off an area of grass…if turf lifts off ground like a rug (due to grubs eating root system) and you visibly see multiple grubs, you will need to treat your lawn.

Unfortunately, if you have a history of grubs in the past they will show up again because of the insects’ life cycle. We recommend the preventative approach if you have fought this insect in the past.

Controlling this pest requires the use of chemicals. You can choose from preventative treatments (best results) or use the “wait & see” approach. Either method provides good results if the timing of the chemical application is correct. For all grub control treatments, the product must be watered in before the chemical is activated.

Preventative treatments are applied in the months of June & July for best results. The preventative approach is used on turfgrass that has had a history of grub problems.

The “targeted” approach (our “wait & see” approach) usually occurs at the end July & August as grubs are hatching. Traditional grub insecticides such as Dylox are normally applied in late July after the grubs are present or as a rescue treatment once damage is seen.


When should I apply preventative grub control treatment? Now

How do I know if I have grubs? Brown patches in grass. If turf lifts off ground like a rug and you visibly see multiple grubs, you will need to treat your lawn.

Where do they show up? Everywhere ~ Sunny & shaded areas

Can I treat myself? Yes, you can purchase chemical treatments at any major hardware store

If I’ve had grubs before, will I have them again this year? Yes, grubs have a 3-year life cycle

When do grubs appear? Late July – September