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Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces provide a perfect setting for socializing in your backyard, creating a great place to gather with your friends on a cool fall evening. When planning an outdoor living space with a fire pit, there are a few things you should consider. How permanent do you want your fire pit to be? Do you want to create a custom built-in fireplace that you can enjoy for years to come, or something that’s portable and temporary?

Building a permanent fire pit that matches materials that are used in your home, such as native stone or brick, custom-built to your specifications, can add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor living space. Portable fire pits made of copper or stainless steel are lighter and can be stored away at the end of the season. Heavier, cast-iron bowls are nice and also portable, as are chimney-style fireplaces that come in a variety of materials. Whatever your choice is, it should be proportional to the size of your yard, and allow room for outdoor seating.

The most common choice of fuel for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is wood – everyone enjoys the aroma of burning wood on a crisp fall evening. Wood burns hotter and puts out more warmth than gas or propane. Gas fire pits are controlled remotely, and can be turned on and off more easily than a wood fire, and don’t require a stockpile of firewood.

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The location of your fire feature is very important. A permanent fire pit should be built on a base of gravel or by digging a shallow pit in your yard. Portable fire pits are best suited to a non-flammable natural surface, such as gravel, stone or concrete, and never on a wooden deck or too close to a building. Find out if you need a permit to install a fire pit. Always follow fire-safety rules when burning a fire and know how to safely dispose of ashes.

Landworks, Inc. can incorporate the fire pit of your choice into your space. There are many types of fire pits and fire places to choose from, and a wide variety of stones and other materials in a multitude of colors, shapes and textures available for your outdoor living space. We will help you select the perfect material to enhance your outdoor space and compliment your home. and we will provide you with information about a wide variety of features available and let you decide. Our design team will work with you to assist you in choosing the type, size and materials best suited to your outdoor entertainment area. Our fire pits encompass a wide variety of styles and functions, from a pit dug into the ground to elaborate units built from stone, brick or metal, whatever you choose to enhance your outdoor living space. We will provide you with all the information you require to make a decision as to what type of outdoor patio feature will work best for you.

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