Fire Pits in the Backyard – What Overland Park Needs to Know

Gathering around fire pits in the backyard on a crisp, clear evening is a great way to enjoy the last moments of the fall. Fire pits can become the very heart of your backyard, serving as a gathering place for family and friends or a comfortable place to relax alone after a busy day of apple picking or the pumpkin patch. Come home and build a cozy fire; relax and enjoy the remainder of the evening. With a glass of wine in one hand and your fire pit providing toasty warmth, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn nights that Kansas City has to offer.

Adding a fire pit to outdoor spaces expands your entertaining space, and there are many different styles of to choose from. There are simple and inexpensive portable fire pits in bowl shapes set into a frame, low to the ground like a coffee table, or more elaborate and permanent structures built of brick or native stone – either below ground or above ground – the choice is entirely yours. And it is not too late to build a fire pit this fall.


Most permanent fire pits are wood-burning or gas, either propane or natural and constructed of stone. Less permanent fire pits are made of copper, stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron or aluminum. The most popular portable fire pits are ceramic chimineas, fire bowls and fire tables.

Fire pits should be located a safe distance from the home or other structures to keep the risk of fire damage minimal. Selecting a corner of your patio is a smart choice for the location of a fire pit in the backyard. When planning where to have your fire pit built, you should have trees that are closer than 10 feet to the fire pit inspected and pruned if necessary. Coverings and cushions for patio furniture should be of inflammable materials and placed at a safe distance away.


Do not use fire pits to burn trash or other lawn debris. You should also not burn pressure treated wood because it can release harmful toxins into the air. Refrain from the use of accelerants for starting a fire in fire pits as they can damage the fire pit as well as produce toxins. You should check local burn laws for burning leaves and other materials.

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