Landworks Will Work With You For Your Perfect Fire Pit Design For Your Yard

Are you looking for unique fire pit designs that will make you the envy of your neighbors? Landworks fire pit and patio design team will create your space to your unique taste, and considers many things in our fire pit designs, including location, proper room for people to sit, and that the fire pit is a safe distance from your landscaping as well as your house itself.
A fire pit can warm you on a chilly night and create a cozy atmosphere for gathering with friends and family. Do you want a permanent or temporary fire pit? For a more established space that you want to enjoy for years to come, a large fire pit made of rock or bricks can be constructed in a current gathering space, or you can develop an entirely new space in an unused part of your yard.
When surveyed by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 97% of homeowners ranked fire pits and fireplaces their number one most wanted small backyard design idea. Maybe it’s the draw of the fire, but outdoor firepits make the backyard and accompanying outdoor space more comfortable and livable even during the coldest months of the year.
Landworks will design the perfect fire pit for your yard.
Adding a firepit increases a home’s value and makes your property more unique and modern as compared to “traditional” landscaping. Fire pit design is a trend nowadays which attracts potential home buyers to homes with one.
Outdoor firepits can also draw attention to the architecture of your home and the surrounding environment.
Firepits takes the entertainment outside. It provides a calming gathering space that provides a fun and natural way to entertain. It is also the perfect area for the family to spend time together and for drinking a glass of wine with friends. Who needs a gaming system or television when you have an outdoor fireplace?
Landworks fire pit designs are customized to bring your distinct vision to life. We will work with you on the type and size of your fire pit, seating options (chairs, seating wall, or even large rock boulders), landscaping, table top areas and other elements such as placing your fire pit on a custom-built patio to provide the perfect outdoor oasis. 
There are many options and fire pit designs available, and Landworks can help you decide on the type that is best suited to your needs. Our team of professionals will design and install a custom-built fire pit that will last for years. Landworks is a full service grounds management company, providing complete lawn care services since 1995, including landscaping design & installation, sprinkler system installation, maintenance and repair and fertilization programs.