Fire Pit – Custom vs Store-Bought – What Overland Park Homeowners Need To Know

Fire pits are growing in popularity in Overland Park. They can warm you on a chilly night, and create a cozy atmosphere for hanging out with your friends and family. There are many options available to you, an once you decide that you would like this feature added to your back yard, the question is whether you should buy a prefabricated fire pit at the big box store, or invest in a custom-built fire pit that will last for years? Neither type is very costly. Landworks, Inc. can help you decide on the type of fire pit that is best suited to your needs by providing a few facts to consider.

Both types of fire pits need to set on a fire-resistant surface, such as gravel or concrete, brick, slate or a composite. Do not set them on a wooden deck as escaping embers from the fire can be a fire hazard. Your municipality will have fire codes governing the placement of a fire pit, and the usual accepted placement is at least 10 feet from the house or any other flamable structure. You should check your local codes before installation. Fuel for fire pits can be wood, gas or gel-type fuels, others are remotely controlled electric for an instant flame. A wood fire gives off the most warmth, and you have the added ambiance of a crackling fire.

You can order a fabricated fire pit online or buy one at your local retailer at a very reasonable price, usually under $100. These types of fire pits come in a variety of styles and materials. After you have prepared the surface, it can be set in place and lit for immediate use. Most of these types of fire pits do not last long term and may need to be replaced after a few short years. A permanent fire pit will take a bit longer to build but will last indefinitely. A more extensive custom-built fire pit in your yard can complement the deck, gardens, retaining walls, and other features of your property when built of similar materials. It can be built onto an existing patio and can include built-in stone seating.

When you add a custom-built fire pit to your property, you should entrust it to experienced hardscape designers. Landworks, Inc. fire pits, patio designs and installation team can create your space to your unique taste. We will work with you on the type and size of your fire pit, seating options (chairs, seating wall, or even large rock boulders), landscaping, table top areas and other elements such as placing your fire pit on a custom built patio to provide the perfect outdoor oasis for friends and family.

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