Fall Is The Ideal Time To Plant Trees and Shrubs, Landworks Landscaping Company Will Help Beautify Your Yard

Fall is an ideal season for planting trees, shrubs and other assorted foliage, and a professional landscaping company like Landworks will help not only make your yard look great for the fall, once spring comes back around, your yard will be ready for the season. The key to success is encouraging sufficient root growth once your materials are installed. Planting trees and shrubs in fall enables the root systems to grow before the hot summer returns the next year.

The heat and drought conditions that summer can bring take their toll on a number of trees and shrubs in the landscape. The challenge is replacing these valuable assets in the landscape. The fall season is an excellent time to plant new trees and shrubs. Fall planting allows for root development to occur prior to winter’s arrival. These fall roots help the plant become established before the hot, dry conditions of the following summer arrive.

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Cooler, wetter weather is the perfect time for tree planting. With an increase in rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall, less watering is needed. As tree shoot growth halts, the trees require less water because the days are cooler and shorter and the rate of photosynthesis decreases.

There are several benefits to fall planting. Trees planted in the fall are better equipped to deal with heat and drought in the following season. Stable air temperatures also promote rapid root development. Soils stay warm well after the air temperature cools, also encouraging root growth. During dormancy, trees grow to establish roots in new locations before warm weather stimulates top growth. Another great reason to plant your shrubs in the fall is because you can pick your trees and shrubs by the fall color they produce.

Landworks landscaping company offers year-round yard maintenance and lawn care services. Since 1995, Landworks has created some of the most unique and impressive backyard sanctuaries. Our hardscape and landscaping company professionals are qualified and eager to bring your vision to life. From consultation, design work and installation – Landworks has all the stages covered to ensure your project is created and crafted with quality workmanship.