Landworks Landscaping Company Offers Properly Done Drainage Solutions

Drainage is often overlooked until it becomes a problem, but with Landworks landscaping company, who offers drainage solutions, your home, its foundation, and even patio area can remain intact and safe. There are many ways to ensure drainage is done properly.

If you don’t have good drainage in your landscape, chances are your outdoor living space isn’t going to be a success. There’s one factor that will decide if you have drainage issues: having something that hinders water from moving downhill. It’s really that simple. It could be the result of neglecting to design a storm water drainage plan or, most often, attempting to correct something without the proper experience and knowledge. Landworks landscaping company will help with drainage solutions.

The importance of yard drainage cannot be overstated by Landworks landscaping company. Yard drainage protects not only your property, but also the health and safety of your family. Standing water in your yard, moisture in your basement, and erosion are all serious issues that should be addressed as soon as possible for the well-being of both your property and your family.

Standing water in your yard isn’t just bad for the grass, but when it’s in your yard, it can become public health issue. Stagnant pools of water encourage bacteria and parasite growth and mosquitoes use standing water to breed.

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Mosquito eggs hatch 24 to 48 eight hours after being laid in water. In seven to 10 days the larvae can metamorphose into their adult forms. Mosquitoes in their adult form can carry West Nile Virus, dog heartworm, and St. Louis Encephalitis. It’s important that if you have standing water in your yard, installation of a yard drainage system is a must. Landworks landscaping company can help with drainage solutions.

When it rains, soil is displaced from your landscaping to other areas of your yard. This is referred to as “soil erosion.” Without proper drainage, over time this displacement can cause issues with soil depth which can cause damage to your landscaping.

Improper drainage doesn’t just damage your landscaping, it can also damage the foundation of your home and your patio. When a severe storm strikes, water flows through your yard much faster. Without proper drainage, this fast-moving water can force its way through cracks in your foundation. This not only causes damage to the foundation of your house, it also causes the added problem of water in your basement. Landworks landscaping company also designs and builds retaining walls which can solve drainage problems in your yard.

Landworks, Inc. mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality irrigation, landscape and lawn maintenance services in the industry. For more information about drainage solutions and the services Landworks landscaping company provides, call (913) 422-9300 or email