Commercial Lawn Care Tips With a Fungal Focus

Commercial Lawn Care advice for mushroomsPart of our commercial lawn care expertise is knowing that mushrooms commonly pop up in yards during the spring and summer months in the midwest.  These fungi will disperse to new areas via windblown spores that develop when they land in a suitable location. We at Landworks are here to spread knowledge about this topic with this blog.
What do mushrooms in the yard mean?
Mushrooms sprouting in your yard are an indication that your yard has an abundance of organic material in the soil. Commercial lawn care teams like the one at Landworks can explain that the purpose of mushrooms is to help break down organic material and make your soil more productive. The mycelium network they connect to is a natural part of the life cycle, so the mushrooms themselves are a sign of a healthy yard.
How to remove mushrooms
So long as drainage or shade in your yard isn’t a problem, you can just knock them over and when the sun gets more intense, they will no longer return. Because they need a humid environment rich with organic material, you’ll want to make sure you have a well drained yard and also clear mulch and dying grass or leaves from trees. Our advice as a commercial lawn care company is to remove them early to reduce the spread of spores, but methods such as mowing could spread the spores more than just knocking them down or plucking them.
How to stop them from coming back
The steps mentioned above will likely be enough to ensure that mushrooms don’t return. However, if they continue to return, there are more things you can do such as aerating your lawn or using a fungicide. It is important to remember that the presence of mushrooms is ultimately a good omen more than something to be concerned about beyond removing them. If mushrooms prove to be a problem you can’t handle alone, a commercial lawn care company can help you take care of the problem.
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