Commercial Lawn Care: Planning Spring Services

In the commercial lawn care industry, spring has already sprung. Preparations are well underway for lush, green turf. If you haven’t made a plan for your spring lawn care services yet, you’d better get started! Besides the obvious spring cleanup, it’s time to start your turf chemical program, have your sprinkler system checked out and activated, and install mulch.

Spring Cleanup

In the commercial lawn care industry, spring has already sprung.The first step to preparing for spring is always to remove any leaves and debris. Raking isn’t the only way to deal with leaves. Mulching, meaning mincing leaves to shreds with your lawnmower, is a good option as long as there aren’t too many leaves on your turf. Mulching is both easy and great for the health of your lawn. Decomposing leaves enhance the soil with valuable nutrients that feed the microbes and worms that help your turf stay lush and healthy. Plus, compared with raking, mulching leaves is much less work.

You should also cut back ornamental grasses at this time. There are several opinions about when ornamental grass should be cut back once it flowers and becomes dry, and about as many opinions on how it should be done. The most important thing about trimming ornamental grass is to be careful about trimming growth. You want new growth to get healthy enough to sustain itself in case of a second cold snap. For flowering shrubs, wait until flowers bloom so you don’t cut off limbs that will be producing flowers.

Commercial Lawn Care Chemical Program

Fertilization in spring is key to weed management throughout the summer. The best time to apply spring turf fertilizer/crabgrass preventer or pre-emergent is from late March until mid-April. Landworks will apply both a fertilizer, which feeds your grass, and a pre-emergent, an herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Then, six to eight weeks later, we apply both products again, along with a broadleaf weed killer.

Sprinkler System Activation

It is important not to activate your sprinkler system too early if you have above-ground pipes, but it should be safe to activate underground systems now. Our certified backflow inspectors will perform a head-to-head, zone-by-zone analysis, make appropriate adjustments for optimum coverage, locate and repair leaks, and guarantee your system is operating at full performance.

Mulch Around Trees And Shrubs

Mulching helps retain moisture, prevents water evaporation & discourages weed growth. By eliminating exposed soil, mulch makes it hard for unwanted weed seeds to take root. It also blocks the intense sun, cooling the soil and making it more hospitable for your plants. Mulch soaks up and holds moisture, allowing it to be absorbed into the soil rather than drying up or being lost as runoff. 

To get all of these benefits, proper application is crucial. The total mulch depth should be no more than 4”. It is also important to apply a pre-emergent before mulching to ensure optimal weed control.

Commercial Lawn Care Services From Landworks

Landworks is a lawn care and landscaping company specializing in all aspects of lawn care services. Our commercial department maintains office parks, homes associations, shopping venues / retail centers, religious organizations, apartment/townhome complexes, and retirement communities.

Our experienced team of professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of the commercial landscaping industry and are committed to your satisfaction. We provide lawn care solutions for retaining your property’s value. Our commitment to excellence is our number one priority. 

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