Commercial Lawn Care Mulching Benefits

Commercial lawn care services providers use mulch for a variety of reasons. Mulch comes from a wide variety of organic or inorganic materials and provides a huge range of benefits for you and your garden, from weed control and moisture retainage to beautification of your overall landscaping.

Benefits Of MulchingCommercial lawn care services providers use mulch for a variety of reasons.

  • Adds organic matter to your soil. This helps make your garden healthier and more resistant to pests and diseases. 
  • Helps soil retain moisture. Mulch prevents evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun. It also reduces water run-off during rain or watering. This reduces the amount of water needed, which in turn saves money. 
  • Prevents weeds. Mulch provides a natural barrier to stop weeds from growing and competing with plants for nutrients by blocking the sunlight.
  • Assists in fertilization. Mulch provides food for beneficial microorganisms and earthworms that in turn create nutrients for your plants.
  • Protects plants from weather. In addition to shielding delicate plant bases from sun and heat, mulch protects plants from frost damage by acting as a protective ‘blanket.’
  • Provides support around plants. Mulch can prop up more delicate plants, especially young seedlings, and help keep them stand tall and strong.
  • Improves the visual appearance of your garden. A variety of types and colors of mulch are available to give your landscaping a beautiful finished look.

To get all of these benefits, proper application is crucial. The total mulch depth should be no more than 4”.

Organic mulches

Organic mulches consist of materials that decompose over time, like hardwood and softwood chips, bark, evergreen needles, leaves, grass clippings, compost mixes, newspaper, and cardboard. These materials can improve soil fertility, aeration, structure, and drainage as they decompose. Organic mulches must be replenished on a regular basis, but they are usually preferred for soil enhancement.

Inorganic mulches

Inorganic mulch does not decompose and therefore does not need to be replenished often. These materials include rock, stone, lava rock, crusher dust, pulverized rubber, landscape fabrics, and other man-made materials. Inorganic mulches are ideal for decorative use and controlling weeds. 

Landworks Commercial Lawn Care

Landworks provides you with commercial landscaping services, including mowing, mulching, trimming, and weed control/fertilization programs tailored to fit your needs.  Whether you need to add to your current exterior or create a whole new look, we help you design your exterior and provide continued grounds maintenance services.

Our experienced professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of the commercial lawn care industry and are committed to your satisfaction. We provide lawn care solutions for retaining your property’s value. Our commitment to excellence is our number one priority. 

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