Commercial Lawn Care In Johnson County Can Control Mushrooms

Landworks provides commercial lawn care in Johnson County that can keep your turf lush and green. This year we have seen a lot of toadstools and other mushrooms popping up in lawns all over the area. While they are not harmful to your turf in any way, they can be unsightly. Mushrooms typically come back eventually regardless of how you remove them, but there are steps you can take to help deter further growth.

What Are Mushrooms And Why Are They In My Yard?

Mushrooms are the fruit produced by fungi. They produce spores to spread new mushrooms, but they also have underground root systems called mycelia that can grow as much as half a mile every day! 

The roots of your trees and shrubs connect to many species of fungi in is what is known as “mycorrhizal” relationships. The plants provide the mushrooms with sugars they need to grow, and the fungus breaks down organic materials into nutrients the plants can absorb. The more organic waste is available to the fungus, the bigger the mushrooms will get.

Landworks provides commercial lawn care in Johnson County that can keep your turf lush, green, and free of unsightly toadstools.Are Mushrooms On My Lawn Good Or Bad?

You may assume that mushrooms on your lawn signal a problem. After all, a fungal infestation is bad, right? Well yes, if it is mold. But not in the case of mushrooms that grow up out of the lawn.

In truth, mushrooms can not grow in nutrient-deficient soil, and in fact actually improve it. Mushrooms on your lawn mean that there is ample organic material in the soil. As they break down that material, they make the soil more productive. 

Despite the benefits, many people seek out commercial lawn care in Johnson County to remove mushrooms, as they can be unsightly and potentially hazardous to children and pets.

Get Rid Of Fungus On Your Johnson County Lawn

Knowledgeable commercial lawn care in Johnson County from Landworks can help you get rid of fungus for good. The best way to keep mushrooms from coming back is to control the conditions they need to grow. Food sources should be removed or limited as much as possible. This means removing organic materials like grass clippings, leaves, and other lawn waste as soon as possible. It is also crucial to address any drainage issues to prevent excess moisture. 

Regular mowing is essential, as long grass retains more moisture at the soil level. Remove any existing mushrooms before mowing to prevent spreading spores. A thick layer of thatch can also contribute to ideal conditions for fungus, so de-thatching is a good idea. Aeration also helps by improving drainage and airflow. Finally, shade-loving mushrooms don’t thrive in the sun, so cut back limbs and branches to give the area as much sunlight as possible. Landworks commercial lawn care in Johnson County makes all of this a breeze.

Landworks Commercial Lawn Care In Johnson County

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