Commercial Lawn Care Advice: Why You Need A Turf Fertilization And Weed Control Program

Commercial lawn care companies like Landworks know that a lawn fertilizer service plan is a crucial part of a comprehensive turf care program. A well-fertilized lawn is healthier and greener, and it is far better at preventing weed infestation, disease, and drought. A fertilization and weed control program along with proper mowing and correct watering practices will keep your grass beautiful and healthy.

Why Does Turf Require Fertilization?

Commercial lawn care companies like Landworks know that a lawn fertilizer service plan is a crucial part of a comprehensive turf care program.A lush, green lawn is a prized addition to a landscape and proper fertilization helps maintain this attractive, living carpet. While grass needs at least 18 elements for proper growth, most of these elements are sufficiently supplied through natural soil processes and are readily available for plant uptake unless soil conditions are improper.

The three primary macronutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — are exceptions, however. Grasses require these nutrients in greater quantities than is usually available in the soil. Commercial lawn care services apply fertilizers containing these critical nutrients to a lawn to promote healthy grass growth.

As with the growth and health of people and animals, both your lawn and landscape need regular, healthy nourishment to maintain vigor, fight off sickness, and discourage pests. Although the feeding cycles are different between people and plants, it’s just as true that depriving your valuable landscape plants of proper nourishment when they need it the most will lead to much poorer performance and possibly higher maintenance costs in the long run.

Commercial Lawn Care Fertilization And Weed Control Programs From Landworks

Lawn fertilizer service from Landworks lawn care company makes keeping your turf lush and green easy. Early in the spring, Landworks uses a combination of fertilizer, which feeds your grass to keep it strong and healthy through the hot summer, and pre-emergent.

Six to eight weeks later we apply a broadleaf weed control and fertilizer. Landworks commercial lawn care services can also include specialized programs for turf disease, such as nutsedge, grubs, fungus, and flea control. In the fall, we use a high rate nitrogen fertilizer to winterize the turf.

If you are looking for results and a lawn that you will feel proud of, contact us today to request more information. Landworks is a professional lawn care company with certified applicators, providing free consultations and a free lawn care analysis.