Commercial Lawn Care Advice For Healthy Landscaping In Winter

Landworks specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial lawn care. Our customized lawn maintenance programs are designed to meet your needs, including mowing, mulching, shrub/tree trimming, and lawn fertilization programs. Now is the time to make sure your landscaping is free of leaves and prepare it for winter.

Commercial lawn care companies like Landworks know that excessive leaf matter on your lawn going into winter is not good for your turf for several reasons. First, it will smother the grass during the winter months, and if leaves are still on the turf in the spring, it will inhibit growth. Second, it can provide ideal conditions for snow mold diseases. And finally, turf damage from critters living in the leaves during the winter can be more extensive in the spring.

Landworks specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial lawn care.Once leaves are removed, it’s time to prepare your landscaping for winter. This includes winterizing your sprinklers, emptying and storing outdoor containers, covering patio furniture, draining garden hoses, and winterizing your lawn mower.

A commercial lawn care company like Landworks can help with lawn care services like winterizing your sprinkler system. Water expands when it freezes and can cause a lot of spring headaches for those with sprinkler systems. Depending on how much water is in your sprinkler pipes at the exact moment it freezes, it could burst through your line, break your sprinkler heads, and cost you hundreds in repairs. That’s why it’s best to “blow out” your sprinklers before a freeze and turn them off as part of your winterizing routine.

After cutting the grass and mulching or cleaning up all the fallen leaves for the last time of the season, take a few minutes to winterize your lawn mower. Spending a little time now will save aggravation and money next spring, and your lawn mower will be ready to go as soon as the weather warms up and the grass starts growing again.

The steps to winterizing your lawn mower are easy. They include:

  • Preparing the fuel system – one practice is to treat the gasoline with an additive to extend the life of the fuel and to prevent the gas from evaporating into a varnish or sludge that gums up the floats and needles in the carburetor.
  • Changing the oil
  • Checking the spark plugs
  • Clean the air filter
  • Scrub the mower deck; and
  • Sharpening the mower blade – a sharp lawn mower blade slices through blades of grass for a clean cut and a healthier lawn.

Landworks is a full-service grounds management company, providing commercial lawn care services since 1995, including landscaping design and installation, sprinkler system installation, maintenance and repair, and fertilization programs. Our experienced team of specialists possess an in-depth knowledge of the lawn care industry and are committed to your satisfaction.

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