Commercial Landscaping: Creating Beautiful Flower Displays

Commercial landscaping services available from Landworks include creating stunning flower displays throughout the season. Annuals are a good landscape investment because they are versatile, colorful, produce quick results, and are relatively inexpensive. These dependable single-season flowers hit the ground running and provide a spectacular and easy show all season long.

Commercial landscaping services available from Landworks include creating stunning flower displays throughout the season.

Planning Your Flower Displays

A number of factors should be considered when planning flower beds, including color, size, texture, sunlight requirements, and growth habits. Some plants grow well in direct sunlight while others need some shade. There are plants that will spread out over large areas and others will shoot straight up in the air. Plants that climb and plants that creep. Some work well as edging plants. Others are best used in planters or window boxes. The majority are useful as bedding plants for mass effects. Placement is important as are spacing, sunlight, exposure, soil, wind, drainage, and maintenance requirements. 

Best Commercial Landscaping Flowers For Our Climate

To create lasting color, you may want to pick annuals that bloom all summer long: New Guinea impatiens, lantana, begonias, Mandevilla, vinca, angelonia, etc.  Another consideration is the plant’s growth potential. Some other popular annuals that you may want to consider for your landscape include zinnia, marigold, petunia, nasturtium, alyssum, aster, morning glory, portulaca, snapdragon, and sweet pea.

Planting Your Flowers

Whether planting from seed or transplants, proper planting is critical. Prepare flower beds by digging at least 6 inches into the soil. Ensure good drainage by working in plenty of peat moss or compost. Determine which areas of your garden may receive more or less water or light and plant accordingly.

If you are planting from seed, you must thin the seedlings to give them room to grow. A light layer of straw or planting your seeds directly in a fine mulch will prevent seed loss from birds, wind, and water runoff.

Keep Flowers Blooming All Season

Because annuals live only one season, and they have no permanent roots from which to grow the next year, they perpetuate through heavy seed production. To produce lots of seeds, they must produce many flowers. If those flowers are cut before the seeds can form, the plant tries again and again in an effort to make up for the loss. The more you cut an annual, the more it blooms.

The key to fabulous color all season is understanding the plant’s bloom cycle and care requirements. With the right planning, good soil, plenty of water, and room to flourish, an annual flower display on your property will be a sight to behold.

Landworks Commercial Landscaping Services 

Your business is important to us, which is why Landworks employs certified professionals, including a Landscape Industry Certified Manager with the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Our in-depth knowledge of sun, shade, height, color, absorption, bedding, and more ensures your exterior experience is inviting without being a distraction. 

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