A Landscaping Company Will Beautify Your Home With Flowers

A professional landscaping company is the way to go when you want your yard to look beautiful with flowers through the spring, summer and fall. There’s no need to worry about what kind of flowers will grow best in your yard – as a landscaping company, like Landworks, located in Kansas City, Kansas, we know exactly what will work best with the sun exposure, soil and pre-existing landscaping. Our landscaping company will guide and show you how to grow the perfect flowers.

Why do some flowers die and never come back and some you see pop up again year after year? One type of flower is called an annual – a plant that lives for just one season. Whether an annual is planted from a seed or flowers are purchased to plant, an annual will sprout, flower, seed, and then die, all in the same year. Another flower category is aperennial – a flower that lives for three or more growing seasons. Perennials can be planted from bulb or seeds – often bulbs must be planted in the fall to produce spring-blooming plants. When you hire a professional landscaping company, we can design and install them in the spring for you so you can sit back and enjoy them in the springtime.

Landworks inc landscaping company overland park ksA landscaping company like Landworks will work with you to help decide whether annuals, perennials, or a mix of both is best for your home or business. Popular annual flowers include zinnias, marigolds, and impatiens. Roses, peonies, mums, and daylilies are common perennials.

As a landscaping company, we answer questions like, “How much and often do I need to water my flowers?” This is an important question, because too much water is just as harmful as too little. There are many variables a landscaping company has to take into consideration (1) the type of plant and size (2) the location – sunny, part sun, or shady (3) the type of soil (4) best time of year to plant, and (5) the rain pattern the Kansas City area is currently in.

A basic thing to remember when watering is, the smaller the plant, the quicker it will dry out. Flowers will do better with daily light waterings initially. Keep in mind, your new flowers don’t need long periods of watering because the roots are only on the surface.

Annuals expend a lot of energy setting buds and blooming. Even in soil rich in organic matter, it helps to feed them every three to six weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer a landscaping company can recommend. Heat can leave your annuals wilting every afternoon. Giving them a good, deep soaking in the morning will leave them prepared to handle the afternoon sun. But even then, there will be days when leaves will become crisp and dry. Don’t be afraid to cut these off and prune the plants back to healthy leaves. They will regrow quickly.

Perennials are more low maintenance flowers and will save money on watering – most are drought resistant.

For stunning flower beds at your home or business, call Landworks at (913) 422-9300.